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Exordia Global empowers buyers with impartial knowledge of emerging brands and products, and fast-tracks success for innovations and evolving market-leaders.

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About us

Exordia Global has been established to meet a major challenge that both buyers and sellers face with emerging products and brands: Above the clamour of the marketplace, to identify the brands and products that have genuine and significant market-leading qualities and getting them into the markets where the needs and demands are.

Working on behalf of major national and regional merchants and retail distributors, we source innovators and manufacturers of unique and game-changing products, and fast-track the success of these products for both the manufacturer and distributor.


Exordia Global takes the pain out of researching and gives you everything you need to know to make an informed comparison. You still meet directly with your suppliers—but only the ones who meet your criteria, have the ability to supply, and are competitive in their category.


Never miss a budding new brand or product
We keep you informed of anything new or starting to make waves in your market.

Significantly reduce your number of meetings
Direct all new supplier enquiries to us so you don't waste time on the mediocre ones and just hear about the best ones who meet your requirements.

Receive evaluations
Compare your existing ranges to current availability.

Obtain valuable insights
Access product/brand research, market comparisons and promotional opportunities.


Exordia Global takes the years out of trying to connect with busy buyers, and establish your company as a supplier to them. However good your product is, you still have barriers to entering your biggest opportunities because buyers have a lot of demand on their time and are unable to evaluate every supplier that approaches them. They know that every salesperson is biased towards their own product.

If your product is truly innovative, has the hallmark of a market-leader, or has a significant value proposition, we will help you break through the barriers and get your brand where it deserves to be.


Remove the barriers of competition
Our services enable the future market leaders to stand out from the crowd, attracting fast attention from the right people.

Fast forward your brand recognition
Eliminate the years of hackwork, escalating your sales with a much faster return on investment.

Paving the way
We introduce you to potential distributors, with a fully independent and unbiased recommendation. This pre-qualification means they are much more receptive to your products and ideas when you meet.

Sell your products your way
You still get to sell your own products, with your passion and knowledge.

Reduce your costs
Your marketing and business development costs are drastically cut, simply by removing the need to spend years trying to get in with major customers.

Keep your finger on the pulse of the market
Hear about upcoming range reviews, promotion opportunities and company strategy opportunities that you can take advantage of.



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